Cricket today is a game that can lift a person from rags to riches. Various franchise leagues, happening worldwide, like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (BBL), Caribbean Premier League (CPL) etc.

There is a lot of business and money associated with the sport, and it is for sure that an international player will have a sound financial future after his retirement.

In previous times, before the advent of the million-dollar leagues, cricketers financial future after their retirement would be hanging in the dark.

Today, let’s have a look at five cricketers who turned from rich to poor:

1. Arshad Khan

Arshad Khan, former off-spinner from Pakistan, made his international debut in 1997 against West Indies.

The 6ft 4inch tall cricketer featured in nine Tests and 58 ODIs for his country.

Khan was an economical bowler but could never establish himself in the playing XI permanently.

After his retirement, the off-spinner relocated to Sydney, Australia and became a taxi driver there.

Later in the year 2020, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) appointed the former cricketer as the bowling coach of the Pakistan women’s national cricket team.

2. Adam Hollioake

Adam Hollioake is a former English cricketer who made his debut against Pakistan in 1996. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Hollioke played four Tests and 35 ODIs for England. He also led the side to victory in the 1997 Sharjah Cup.

Hollioke last featured for his country in 2007 and went on to pursue his family business in Australia. In the 2008 global recession, his company’s financial position weakened, and by 2011 he was declared bankrupt.

The former cricketer then started his career as a mixed martial artist and made his debut in 2012.

3. Matthew Sinclair

Former New Zealand batsman Matthew Sinclair is fondly remembered for his score of 214. Sinclair played 33 Tests and 54 ODIs for New Zealand before announcing his retirement in July 2013.

The Australian-born batsman made a promising start to his career but struggled to find a permanent spot in the team due to his inconsistent performances.

After his retirement, he became jobless for some time. Since he did not complete his education before started playing cricket, it became difficult for him to find employment to manage his expenses.

He is currently working as a real estate salesperson in Napier and struggles to make both ends meet.

4. Chris Cairns

Unfortunately, Chris Cairns – the former New Zealand all-rounder and ODI skipper – finds himself on this list.

Cairns was a destructive batsman and had a hard to read slower delivery. The New Zealand cricketer played 62 Tests and 215 ODIs before announcing his retirement in 2006.

The downfall for the former all-rounder started when he featured in the infamous Indian Cricket League (ICL).

It was alleged by the former chairman of the Indian Premier League (IPL) that Cairns fixed a match in the ICL. He was acquitted in the case and won significant damages.

However, the tide turned against him in 2013 when the match-fixing allegations surfaced again. The costs of legal proceedings ultimately led to his bankruptcy which later forced him to do a cleaning job in Auckland.

5. Janardan Navle

Janardan Navle had the honours to play as India’s first wicket-keeper on the 1932 tour of England.

Former British cricket journalist and MCC president Christopher Martin-Jenkins kept Navle in the same league as the great George Duckworth and Bert Oldfield. Navle’s last and only other Test appearance came at Bombay in 1933.

According to reports, the former wicket-keeper spent his last days as a beggar. At the same time, other sources reveal that he worked as a watchman in a sugar mill in Pune before passing away.

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