Hollywood actor and comedian Jack Black has declared former Team India captain Virat Kohli as his all-time favourite cricketer. The star, known for his roles in movies like ‘School of Rock’ and ‘Kung Fu Panda,’ made this statement during a candid interview with renowned TV Presenter and sports anchor Sanjana Ganesan.

‘He is the Michael Jordan of cricket’

Jack, a cricket enthusiast, praised Kohli for his extraordinary cricketing talent and his contributions to the sport. He went on to compare the Indian skipper to basketball legend Michael Jordan, drawing parallels between their impact on their respective sports.

“I have to say though Virat Kohli is my favourite cricket player of all time. Of all the cricket players, he is definitely most expressive and passionate. He is like the Michael Jordan of cricket,” said Black.

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Jack also expressed admiration for Kohli’s aggressive style of play and his ability to lead from the front. “His batting style is like a power-packed performance, and he’s not afraid to take on any challenge,” the American superstar added.

Jack’s remarks quickly made waves in the cricketing world, with fans and fellow celebrities sharing their enthusiasm for his endorsement of Kohli. Many Indian cricket enthusiasts welcomed the unexpected declaration, showcasing how the sport has a global following.

Virat Kohli at the Asia Cup 2023 (Photo Source: Twitter)

Kohli, often regarded as one of the greatest contemporary cricketers, has a massive fan base worldwide. His aggressive and passionate approach to the game has earned him admiration from fans and fellow athletes from various domains.

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As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await Kohli’s performances in the remaining games on the ongoing Asia Cup 2023, his recognition by a Hollywood A-lister adds an exciting new dimension to his already illustrious career.

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