The recent conflict between Israel and Palestine has taken the world by storm. The media fraternity seems to be divided over the issue.

Recently, former Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan slammed Kangana Ranaut for quibbling over his humanitarian posts. Pathan took to social media to support Palestine on Tuesday.

“If you have even the slightest of humanity you will not support what’s happening in #Palestine #SaveHumanity,” the 36-year-old had tweeted.

Bollywood superstar Kangana then shared a story on Instagram where a BJP MLA was seen criticizing Pathan for allegedly keeping silent on the post-election Bengal violence but coming to the fray to support Palestine.

“Muslims all over the world standing for Hamas Jihadis and and terrorists for their Islam but Hindus or Muslims no none said a word for Hindus genocide in Bengal or generally when they get killed in Pakistan or Bangladesh every other day this is the reality of Jai Chand Hindus and Islamists Hindus are impotent and for Muslims you only matter if you follow their aasmaani book.More than 50 Islamic countries in the world, for Hindus only India yet you can’t call it a Hindu nation…. Look at everyone who knows only one relationship that is of Islam if they know no other loyality and value system then ask yourself what is your value,” the Padmashri recipient asserted.

Kangana Story ( Screengrab: Instagram)

Pathan then took a dig at Kangana and argued that all his posts were for humanity and his countrymen. The T20 World Cup winner also stated that the counterarguments he gets are from people like Kangana, whose account got suspended for spreading online hate.

“All My tweets are either 4 humanity or countrymen, from a point of view of a guy who has represented India at d highest level. On d contrary counters I get from ppl like Kangna who’s account get dismissed by spreading hate n some other paid accounts are only about hate. #planned,” tweeted Pathan.

Again the netizens had different reactions to the tweet. While some applauded Pathan for not mincing words, others blamed the cricketer-turned-commentator for understanding only one side of the issue.

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