In a cricketing world that thrives on thrilling matches and nail-biting encounters, the Asia Cup 2023 Final between India and Sri Lanka will be remembered for an entirely different reason. It was a day when India, under the exceptional bowling leadership of Mohammed Siraj, completely dismantled Sri Lanka’s batting order and secured a comfortable victory over the Island nation.

India’s victory in the Asia Cup marked their eighth title in the continental event, and it was the second time they clinched it under Rohit Sharma‘s captaincy. The Men in Blue showcased their mettle, both as a team and under Rohit’s astute leadership, leaving fans and pundits alike in awe.

Amidst the celebrations and accolades for Rohit’s leadership, former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir also didn’t miss the chance to laud the Mumbai-born cricketer. However, he also took a brutal dig at former India skipper Virat Kohli in the process.

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Gautam Gambhir’s praise for Rohit Sharma and dig at Virat Kohli

During an interaction at Star Sports after the remarkable win of India, Gambhir commended Rohit’s captaincy and his ability to steer the team to victory. He even highlighted Rohit’s five IPL titles and emphasized that “many didn’t even win once.” The statement from the Delhi cricketer not only underscored Rohit’s consistency and success in the IPL but also subtly contrasted it with Virat Kohli’s title drought in the same tournament.

“There was never a doubt about Rohit the captain. He won 5 IPL titles. Many didn’t even win once. But his real test will come in the next 15 days. You have your best 15-18 players in the dressing room now. If they cannot deliver they there will be question marks,” said Gambhir.

The crucible of captaincy and hope for the future

Gambhir further delved into the challenges faced by cricket captains, particularly when leading the Indian cricket team on the world stage. He pointed out that captains often face scrutiny if they fail to deliver in major tournaments, such as the World Cup. Drawing parallels with Kohli and Rahul Dravid, Gambhir noted that both had their share of trials and tribulations during their tenures as India’s captains.

At the same time, Gambhir acknowledged the potential of Rohit’s leadership and expressed confidence that he could lead India to the final of the World Cup in 2023, underscoring the belief in the current team’s abilities.

“After every World Cup, if the captain is unable to deliver, then questions will be raised. Virat Kohli faced it. Rahul Dravid faced it in 2007. If India fails to deliver in 2023, then questions will be raised on Rohit’s captaincy. But this team has the ability to make the World Cup final,” highlighted Gambhir.

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