Mohammad Amir, who was recently in the news for his comments on Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma, has named the toughest batsman he ever had to bowl to.

The former left-arm pacer was considered one of the most lethal bowlers in international cricket, but last year, he abruptly announced his decision to hang his boots from the game’s highest level.

Amir was asked about the most difficult batsman to bowl to during an interview with Cricwick. The 29-year-old snubbed the likes of Kohli and Sharma to name the former Australian captain Steve Smith as the most back-breaking batsman to bowl.

The Punjab-born stated that Smith’s unique technique and batting stance make it difficult for any player to bowl.

“I find it most difficult to bowl to Steve Smith. Because his technique is very difficult. He stands in such an angle that you don’t understand where to bowl to him,” said Amir.

Smith once revealed in an interview that Amir was the most skilful bowler he ever faced. Considered as one of the finest batsmen in the modern era, Smith’s records speak for itself. His unconventional batting stance has always given him an upper edge over the bowlers and made him successful.

“If you bowl an outswinger, he raises the bat and leaves it. If you bowl on the pads, his flick is a solid shot for him. I find his technique really difficult while bowling,” Amir explained.

The left-arm seamer also talked about his experience of bowling against Indian stars Kohli and Sharma. While Amir felt that Sharma is more vulnerable to his bowling, he reckoned that things get slightly difficult against him in pressure situations. However, Amir revealed that he never faced any difficulty while bowling to either of the two.

“I haven’t found it tough bowling to either. In fact, I find it easy to bowl to him (Rohit). I feel that I can get him out both ways. He struggles against the in-swinger from a left-arm and as well as against the ball that goes away early on. I may say that I find bowling to Virat slightly tougher because he revels in pressure situations, but otherwise, I’ve never found it difficult bowling to either of the two,” the former Pakistan international added.


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