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FAQ are the frequently asked questions about T-10 Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League.


  • What is T-10 Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League?

T-10 Heights cup is a Cosco ball cricket tournament. T-Ten Events will organize the cricket tournament. All the cities with 100+ teams will get a chance to host the cricket matches. 

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  • Who can participate in the Cosco Premier League?

T10 Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League is an open cricket tournament. Cosco Premier League ( CPL 2021) is open to players of all ages. You can participate as a single player or enter your school,college, cricket academy or corporate team. Multiple teams can also be entered on behalf of corporate companies.

  • How can I take part in the T-10 Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League cricket tournament?

To participate in the cricket tournament, go to the website homepage www.T-10.in. If you have a team from your school, academy, college, university, or corporate company ready to go, register your team and invite your team players.

  • Can I play as a single player in the T-10 Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League cricket tournament?

YES. If you do not have a team to play the tournament, you can invite other single players around you. Add 11 players to form a team to play the cricket tournament matches. However, it is essential to have 11 playing members in a cricket team to join the tournament fixtures.

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  • Will my city host the cricket matches for the T-10 Heights Cup : COSCO PREMIER LEAGUE ?

All the cities with 100+ teams will organize and host the cricket matches. To check the total number of cricket teams in your city, visit our Event page or check your Cricket profiles after registration.

  • What if my city does not have 100+ cricket teams to host the T-10: Heights Cup?

We are hoping to reach the 100 team mark in your city. If the teams’ threshold is unachievable, the cricket games for cities in a 100-kilometer radius will join to organize the cricket matches.

  • When will the tournament start?

Due to the measures taken for the coronavirus, team will be individually notifited about there match schedules. The tournament starts on 1 April 2021. To check the dates in your city, stay updated with the fixture page for your city.

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  • How will I know about my match schedule?

You will receive notifications on your profile and email as soon as the fixtures are declared. The schedule of your cricket matches will depend on the city of participation.

  • Is re-entry allowed for the T-10: Heights Cup cricket tournament?

Re-entry for a team shall only be allowed for the first round of the Cosco Premier League cricket tournament. You can re-enter your team within 24 hours of your team losing the cricket match. For more information on re-entries please write to us at hr@t-10.in

  • Can I play from two different teams?

Yes. You can play from as many teams as you like. However, once any of your team loses after the start of the tournament, you will have to pay double the amount every time you re-enter with all teams. Please, inform your captain and other team players if you plan to participate in more than one cricket team. Loss in one game may affect the cost of the re-entry for your other teams into the tournament.

  • What are the unique features of the Heights Cup: Cosco Premier League cricket tournament?

The cricket tournament will boast several features, including player profiles, live scoring with T-10 Cricket Ecosystem, man of the match awards, and live telecasting for selective stages. The top performers will also bear-white, green, and white caps during the tournament.

  • Are there any sponsorship or partnership opportunities for the T-10:Heights Cup cricket tournament?

Yes, we have multiple sponsorship packages for cities, states, and international phases. Please feel free to reach us at sponsorship@t-10.in or contact us from our Contact us page.

Sponsorship and Media

For partnership opportunities and media queries please write to us at hr@t-10.in

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