Dinesh Karthik, recognized as one of the Indian Premier League‘s most skilled wicketkeeper-batsmen, stepped into the league during its inaugural 2008 season. Over the course of 249 matches, he’s amassed an impressive 4742 runs at a striking rate of 135, with 22 half-centuries to his name. However, alongside his accomplishments, Karthik also shares the unwanted record for the most ducks in IPL history. Despite this, his on-field contributions remain substantial, reflected in his earnings of ₹92.42 crores solely from IPL contracts.

Starting his IPL journey with the Delhi Daredevils in 2008, Karthik’s career has seen him adapt and excel across six different franchises, showcasing his versatility and skill within the league.

IPL 2008, IPL 2009, and IPL 2010—Delhi Capitals: In the IPL’s inaugural season auction, the Delhi Daredevils (Now Delhi Capitals) purchased Karthik for 2.1 crores. He stayed with the team for three seasons, maintaining the same price tag each year.

IPL 2011 – Punjab Kings: Karthik’s tenure with the Kings XI Punjab ( Now Punjab Kings) lasted only a single season, but it came with a notable boost in salary. He pocketed 4.14 crores during the fourth season of the IPL while representing the franchise

IPL 2012 and IPL 2013—Mumbai Indians: Karthik made a seamless transition to the Mumbai Indians (MI), where he continued to be a valuable asset. For two seasons, he commands a consistent salary of 4.14 crores, highlighting his enduring significance to the franchise.

IPL 2014 – Delhi Capitals: Following his stint with various franchises, Karthik made a triumphant return to his first IPL team, witnessing a substantial salary increase to 8.36 crores for that season. His stellar performance and contributions led to him earning a remarkable 12.5 crores in the seventh season of the IPL.

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IPL 2015 – Royal Challengers Bengaluru: In the 2015 IPL auction, DK was acquired by Royal Challengers Bangalore ( Now Bengaluru) but faced a salary reduction to 2 crores. However, his perseverance paid off as he secured an impressive 10.5 crores in the eighth season of the IPL.

IPL 2016 and IPL 2017 – Gujarat Lions: After an underwhelming performance in the preceding season, Dinesh Karthik found himself picked up by the Gujarat Lions, where he faced a notable salary decrease, earning only 2.3 crores for that particular season, highlighting the fluctuations in his IPL journey.

IPL 2018, IPL 2019, IPL 2020 and IPL 2021 – Kolkata Knight Riders: Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) secured Karthik’s services for a hefty 7.4 crores during the 2018 season, where he took charge as captain for 37 matches across three consecutive seasons from 2018 to 2020, showcasing his leadership prowess and impact on the team’s dynamics.

IPL 2022, IPL 2023, IPL 2023 and IPL 2024 – Royal Challengers Bengaluru: Following lackluster performances in four previous seasons with KKR, Royal Challengers Bengaluru (RCB) made a significant acquisition by purchasing Karthik for 5.5 crores. Since joining the team, he has solidified his position as a cornerstone, proving to be one of their most invaluable assets on the field.

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