Pakistan sports presenter Zainab Abbas, who rose to fame after being clicked with Indian superstar Virat Kohli during the T20 World Cup, has faced deportation from India due to a controversy surrounding her resurfaced tweets that were deemed as “Anti-Hindu” by some online users.

The incident unfolded just days after an Indian lawyer named Vineet Jindal filed a complaint with the BCCI against Zainab, raising eyebrows among cricket enthusiasts and fans.

Zainab Abbas was part of the ICC Digital Insider team

Zainab, known for her engaging coverage of sporting events, had been in India as part of the ICC Digital team, roped in to cover the ongoing ODI World Cup. However, a series of tweets from her past resurfaced on social media platforms, causing significant backlash and outrage among certain sections of the Indian audience.

The controversial tweets, which contained statements that some individuals found offensive and insensitive towards the Hindu community, quickly gained attention on social media platforms, leading to widespread discussions and calls for action. Many users demanded an apology and accountability from Zainab or her previous comments.

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Zainab Abbas deported to Pakistan

In response to the escalating controversy, Indian authorities decided to take action. Zainab was reportedly asked to leave the country. As per Pakistan’s media reports, she is currently in Dubai and will subsequently reach Pakistan.

The decision taken by Indian authorities was just to maintain peace and ensure that the ongoing World Cup tournament remained free from unnecessary distractions and controversies.

The incident serves as a reminder of the significance of maintaining respectful and responsible behaviour, especially in the context of high-profile international events like the ICC Cricket World Cup.

Zainab’s deportation from India has ignited discussions about the role of social media in shaping public opinion and the need for individuals in the public eye to exercise caution and sensitivity in their online interactions.

As the CWC 2023 continues to captivate cricket fans worldwide, it remains to be seen how this incident will impact the dynamics of sports coverage and media presence during the tournament, emphasizing the importance of responsible conduct both on and off the field.

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