England head coach Brendon McCullum and captain Ben Stokes have started a new era of England cricket which is off to a dream start, with the English side winning all four of their Tests so far under the new management.

The new style has been termed ‘Bazball’ amongst the cricket fraternity, which focuses on playing a positive and aggressive brand of cricket. The glimpse of the fresh leadership can be understood with the fact that England have been successful in run chases of targets greater than 250 runs on four occasions recently.

The ultra-attacking method was first seen when England clean-swept New Zealand in the three-match series and then won the rescheduled fifth Test against India to level the series at 2-2, chasing 270-plus in the fourth innings of all four Tests.

But what exactly does McCullum himself thinks of the term ‘Bazball’, which has been echoing in the cricket world for the past few weeks. Well, the former New Zealand skipper has reacted and claimed he has no idea about the viral term

“I don’t have any idea what ‘Bazball’ is. It’s not just all crash and burns, if you look at the approach, and that’s why I don’t really like that silly term that people are throwing out there,” said McCullum while speaking to SEN radio on the WA Breakfast show.

“Because there’s actually quite a bit of thought that goes into how the guys manufacture their performances and when they put pressure on bowlers and which bowlers they put pressure on. There’s also times where they’ve absorbed pressure beautifully as well,” added McCullum.

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