The recent turn of events in the lead-up to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 auction has left Gujarat Titans fans on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. From the elation of retaining their seasoned skipper Hardik Pandya to the shock of his unexpected trade to Mumbai Indians, the fans have experienced it all.

However, amidst the uncertainty, the announcement of Shubman Gill as the new captain brought a wave of optimism. As the fans were in a celebratory mood after the appointment, Gill’s remarks on loyalty after being entrusted for the skipper’s role have now taken centre stage, prompting fans to playfully poke fun at Pandya.

The highs and lows during retention

The Gujarat Titans faithful had their hearts in their mouths during the IPL 2024 retention event, hoping to see Pandya continue leading their side. The moment of joy arrived when Pandya’s retention was confirmed, only to be swiftly followed by the bombshell trade to Mumbai Indians. As fans processed this unexpected twist, the team management promptly revealed Shubman Gill as the new skipper, sparking a renewed sense of enthusiasm among supporters.

Shubman Gill’s captaincy announcement

The choice of Gill as the captain raised a few eyebrows, especially with seasoned players like Kane Williamson and Rashid Khan in the mix. However, a majority of fans were quick to embrace the decision, recognizing it as a strategic move for the future of the franchise. Gill, known for his young and dynamic approach to the game, was welcomed with open arms, and fans expressed their best wishes for his leadership journey.

Gill’s ‘loyalty’ statement

Shubman Gill’s reaction to his appointment as captain, however, took an interesting turn. In a video shared by the franchise on social media, Gill highlighted the essential traits of a leader, emphasizing commitment, discipline, hard work, and loyalty. While his words were undoubtedly meant to inspire confidence in his captaincy, the mention of loyalty did not go unnoticed by fans, who quickly interpreted it as a subtle dig at Pandya.

“We all know captainship comes with a lot of things, and commitment is one of them. Discipline is one of them. Hard work is one of them. Loyalty is one of them. And, because, I think I’ve played under great leaders and I’ve learned a lot from them, I think those learnings that I have had from their experience playing under them is gonna help me a lot in this IPL,” said Gill.

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Fans tease Hardik Pandya

Social media platforms became the battleground for fans to express their sentiments, and many wasted no time in playfully teasing Pandya. One fan cheekily commented, “Oh boyy bodied that snake,” while another emphasized, “That was a direct punch on Pandya’s face,” in a clear reference to the star all-rounder.

Here’s how fans reacted:

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