Australian cricketer David Warner and his wife, Candice Warner, recently found themselves in an unexpected and amusing situation at an airport in the United States. As the couple prepared to travel from the United States to their home in Australia after attending Miley Cyrus‘ mum’s wedding to Australian actor Dominic Purcell, they encountered an unusual hiccup at airport security.

Candice recounted the incident on ‘Triple M’s Rush Hour’ with Gus, Jude, and Wendell, shedding light on a memorable experience that had everyone, including airport security, laughing. She claimed they were stopped while going through security after Warner’s t*******s showed a “hot spot” on the X-ray machine.

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‘I’d never seen this about my husband’: Candice Warner

Candice shared the scenario they went through during the security check and told how shocking it was for David as the people around them laughed.

“So David went through the one first where you walk through, and it started beeping. So they then ushered him to the full-body scanner. He puts his arms up, and it beeps again. “When you walk through, a big computer screen is attached to it. All of a sudden, his balls lit up. There is a big body image of David, and like cricket, a hot spot on his balls. And I was in shock; the people around were laughing, David was in shock. I’d never seen this about my husband, and I didn’t know he had hot balls,” she added.

During the interview, medical expert, Dr. Sam who was also present at the show, speculated that the security alarms may have been triggered by a piercing that Warner possibly had. However, Candice swiftly debunked this theory, laughing it off and stating, “No, no, there are no piercings.”

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