The International Cricket Council (ICC), on Friday, announced the complete fixtures and teams groups for the inaugural U19 Women’s T20 World Cup, scheduled to take place from January 14 to 29, 2023, in South Africa.

As many as 16 teams will participate in the competition, with 41 matches to be played across 15 days. These 16 teams comprise of 11 full ICC members and five associate teams and have been split into four groups.

Notably, the top three sides from each group will progress to the Super Six League stage, where teams from Group A will play against Group D and Group B will compete against Group C.

Four matches will occur each day, with Australia and Bangladesh from Group A to play the tournament opener on Saturday, January 14. The group stage will be followed by Super Six starting from January 20, then the two semifinals on January 27 and the final on January 29.


  • Group A: Australia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & United States of America.
  • Group B: England, Pakistan, Zimbabwe & Rwanda.
  • Group C: Ireland, Indonesia, New Zealand & West Indies.
  • Group D: India, South Africa, UAE & Scotland.


  • January 14 – Australia v Bangladesh (1.30 pm IST)
    UAE v Scotland (1.30pm IST)
    South Africa v India (5.15pm IST)
    Sri Lanka v USA (5.15pm IST)
  • January 15 – Pakistan v Rwanda (1.30pm IST)
    West Indies v Ireland (1.30pm IST)
    England v Zimbabwe (5.15pm IST)
    New Zealand v Indonesia (5.15pm IST)
  • January 16 – India v UAE (1.30pm IST)
    Sri Lanka v Bangladesh (1.30pm IST)
    South Africa v Scotland (5.15pm IST)
    Australia v USA (5.15pm IST)
  • January 17 – New Zealand v Ireland (1.30pm IST)
    Zimbabwe v Rwanda (1.30pm IST)
    England v Pakistan (5.15pm IST)
    West Indies v Indonesia (5.15pm IST)
  • January 18 – Australia v Sri Lanka (1.30pm IST)
    Bangladesh v USA (1.30pm IST)
    South Africa v UAE (5.15pm IST)
    India v Scotland (5.15pm IST)
  • January 19 – IRE v Indonesia (1.30pm IST)
    England v Rwanda (1.30pm IST)
    New Zealand v West Indies (5.15pm IST)
    Zimbabwe v Pakistan (5.15pm IST)
  • January 20 – A4 v D4 (1.30pm IST)
    B4 v C4 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 21 – C3 v B1 (1.30pm IST)
    B3 v C1 (1.30pm IST)
    A1 v D2 (5.15pm IST)
    D1 v A2 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 22 – D1 v A3 (5.15pm IST)
    C2 v B3 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 23 – D3 v A2 (5.15pm IST)
    B2 v C3 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 24 – C1 v B2 (5.15pm IST)
    D2 v A3 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 25 – B1 v C2 (5.15pm IST)
    D3 v A1 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 27 – Semifinal 1 (1.30pm IST)
    Semifinal 2 (5.15pm IST)
  • January 29 – Final (5.15pm IST)

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