The cricketing world has been buzzing with speculation about the fate of the Champions Trophy 2025 as discussions intensify about relocating the tournament from Pakistan. This uncertainty follows the recent Asia Cup, which had to be conducted in a hybrid model after the Indian cricket team declined to travel to Pakistan due to political tensions and security issues.

Seizing the moment with a blend of cheekiness and humour, Iceland Cricket took to social media to make its intentions clear. A tweet from their official account read, “The Champions Trophy won’t be held in Pakistan. We await the call from @ICC.”

An open letter by the cricket underdogs to ICC

Shortly afterwards, the cricketing underdogs penned a letter addressed to ICC chairman Greg Barclay, attaching their bid to host the Champions Trophy 2025. The accompanying caption read, “We are not people who hold back. We have today issued our bid to host the Champions Trophy of 2025, and we look forward to hearing what Greg Barclay of ICC has to say about it.”

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Hilarious take on the lack of response from the ICC

Adding a touch of hilarity to the situation, Iceland Cricket humorously suggested that the lack of an immediate response from the ICC could only mean one thing – that their proposal was under serious consideration.

“We have not yet heard back from @ICC regarding the hosting of the Champions Trophy of 2025. This can only mean one thing — they must have actually called a Board meeting to discuss our proposal’s merits! We wait, eager and impatient for the good news.”

This series of witty tweets from Iceland Cricket not only showcased their exceptional sense of humour but also garnered immense love and appreciation from their fans. Nevertheless, the uncertainty over the final venue of Champions Trophy 2025 still looms large.

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