India’s cricketing history is graced by an illustrious lineage of spin bowlers, each leaving an indelible mark. Bishan Singh Bedi‘s graceful left-arm spin, Erapalli Prasanna‘s turn and bounce, and the unyielding Anil Kumble are just a few luminaries. Their artistry, wicket-taking prowess, and strategic brilliance have been instrumental in India’s triumphs. These spin maestros not only spun the ball but also spun the nation’s cricketing destiny, etching their names into the annals of the sport’s greatness.

Ravichandran Ashwin indeed belongs to the elite echelon of Indian spin bowlers. With his right-arm off-spin, he has etched his name in cricketing history. His impressive international record, with 489 Test wickets, places him second Indian only below to the legendary Anil Kumble, who still holds the top spot with 619 wickets. Ashwin’s mastery of spin and strategic brilliance contribute significantly to India’s cricketing success.

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‘India’s dominance with spin was choking world cricket’: Ravichandran Ashwin

Recently, the bowling all-rounder has expressed his views on the changes in ODI powerplay rules implemented in 2015. These rule changes, which included allowing only four fielders outside the 30-yard circle during non-powerplay overs and introducing two new balls, were perceived by some as measures to counter the traditional spin dominance of teams like India in ODI cricket.

“Team India were dominating ODI cricket in the period during 2013-14. One of the main reasons for that was we did not have 5 fielders inside the circle rule and the two new balls rule. I somewhere feel India’s dominance with spin was choking world cricket,” Ashwin said on his official YouTube channel.

The veteran spinner also shared the whole scenario when he, alongside Ravindra Jadeja, used to lead the spin attack of the Men in Blue and how the new powerplay rules diminished their effectiveness in the middle overs.

(Ravindra) Jadeja and I were the two spinners at that time. Yuvraj (Singh) and Yusuf (Pathan) used to chip in with some overs. With four fielders inside the circle, it was very difficult to get away in the middle overs. But then they implemented the two new balls rule and all brought the 5 fielders inside the circle rule. Once they did that, the 240-250-260 games disappeared,” the 36-year-old added.

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