India’s stylish batter KL Rahul is currently making headlines for all the good reasons. A few weeks back, the Karnataka-born cricketer made a dream return to the Indian team during the Asia Cup 2023 and has not looked back ever since. Rahul recently led India to a series-clinching victory over Australia and contributed with back-to-back half-centuries. He even served as the stand-in skipper of the Men in Blue in the first two matches after Rohit Sharma was rested by the Indian management.

Apart from Rahul’s exploit with the bat, his recent interaction with Jio Cinema is also doing rounds on the internet. The wicketkeeper-batter answered a series of questions in the rapid-fire interview and made some intriguing choices, from picking the bowler who troubled him the most to naming the shot he would like to borrow from his former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teammate AB de Villiers.

Players that inspired KL Rahul to start playing cricket

When asked about the cricketers who inspired him to take up the sport, Rahul’s response was steeped in respect and admiration as he mentioned two legendary Indian batters, Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid. It is worth mentioning that both Sachin and Dravid have left an indelible mark on Indian cricket, and Rahul’s choice reflects his aspiration to follow in their footsteps.

If cricket was an emoji

In the world of emojis, Rahul found the perfect symbol to define cricket and chose the one with a ‘heart on fire.’ Rahul’s choice was a fitting representation of the passion and excitement that the sport generates, both among players and fans.

The GOAT of cricket

The most anticipated question of the rapid-fire round was undoubtedly about the greatest cricketer of all time. Without a moment’s hesitation, Rahul named Sachin as the GOAT in the history of cricket. His choice resonated with many, as Tendulkar’s records and impact on the game are legendary.

Favourite cricket shot

Cricket is known for its elegant shots, and when asked about his favourite, Rahul didn’t have to think twice. He chose the cover drive. The cover drive is a shot that embodies grace and timing, and Rahul’s mastery of it has been a treat for cricket enthusiasts.

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Teammate on speed dial

Rahul’s response to the question about which teammate he has on speed dial was heartwarming. He simply said, “all of them.”

Shot Rahul would like to borrow from another cricketer

One of the most intriguing moments in the interview was when Rahul was asked about the cricketing shot he would like to borrow from another player. Without hesitation, he chose AB de Villiers’ famous scoop shot. Notably, De Villiers’ unconventional and audacious scoop shot has left fans in awe, and Rahul’s desire to add it to his arsenal is a testament to his ambition to constantly evolve as a cricketer.

The bowler who troubled Rahul the most

When it comes to the bowler who has troubled him the most, Rahul’s immediate response was Rashid Khan. The Afghan leg-spinner’s ability to bamboozle batters with his variations and control has made him a challenging opponent, even for the best in the business.

129 against England or 111 not out against Pakistan

Rahul faced a tough choice when asked to pick between his centuries against England at Lord’s and Pakistan in Colombo. He reckoned that both innings held a special place in his heart, and he couldn’t choose one over the other.

An Olympic sport KL would like to train for

In a hypothetical scenario where he had to train for the Olympics, Rahul chose the 100-metre dash. This choice highlights his athleticism and speed, attributes that are invaluable in cricket, especially in the field.

Who’s tattoos are cooler, Hardik Pandya or Virat Kohli?

In the lighthearted finale of the interview, Rahul was asked to pick whose tattoos were cooler between Hardik Pandya and Virat Kohli, to which he came up with a diplomatic response and said that everyone’s tattoos excites him.

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