In a recent turn of events, renowned Indian fashion designer Masaba Gupta has courageously and bluntly confronted former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja for laughing at racist remarks directed at her parents, Vivian Richards and Neena Gupta.

Masaba’s response came after a two-month-old clip of Ramiz surfaced on social media where the latter was laughing at derogatory comments made about the relationship between West Indies legend Richards and Bollywood actor Neena on national Television. The insensitive incident didn’t go down well with many and also prompted Masaba to speak out against the cricketer turned commentator’s actions and demand accountability for perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

Masaba Gupta’s relationship with Sir Vivian Richards

Neena Gupta and Vivian Richards, though not married, shared a relationship and became parents to Masaba in 1989. Neena chose to raise her daughter as a single mother in India after the two decided to live separately. However, Masaba has maintained a close relationship with her father, Richards. The former cricketer even attended Masaba’s recent wedding.

The controversial incident and Ramiz Raja’s involvement

The controversy ignited during a Pakistani TV show, where a comedian, in the presence of Ramiz, made disparaging remarks about Richards and Neena’s relationship by saying, “Jo ladkiyan khud ko kehti hain malika-e-aliya, Unko fir milta hai Mr Kaliya. (Those girls who consider themselves queens end up with a dark-skinned guy.)”

The comedian’s comments were unfortunately framed as a joke and were followed by a laugh from Ramiz, but Masaba expressed her disdain for the remarks upon discovering the clip and also condemned the former PCB director’s inappropriate giggle at such derogatory and demeaning statements.

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Masaba’s blunt response to Ramiz Raja

In a powerful and poignant response, Masaba took to Twitter to address Ramiz directly. She emphasized the lack of grace in his actions and highlighted the discomfort of witnessing him laugh at a phrase that the world had stopped finding amusing about three decades ago.

“Dear Ramiz Raja (sir), grace is a quality few have. My father, mother, and I have it in spades. You have none. Sickening to see you laugh on national TV in Pakistan at something the world stopped laughing at about 30 years back. Step into the future. All 3 of us are here with our chin up. #ramizraja,” wrote Masaba.

Taking the fight forward

Masaba did not stop with just one tweet. She further shared her sentiments on Instagram, reiterating her commitment to fighting against racism and shaming. Masaba emphasized that irrespective of the year, she would not tolerate any form of racism directed towards her or her family. Her Instagram story read, “It’s nearly 2024 – no matter who you are, I will call you out on racism and shaming my mother on television. Won’t have it. That is still my fight.”

Masaba Gupta's Instagram story
Masaba Gupta’s Instagram story (Image Source: Twitter)

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