Renowned for his exceptional cricketing skills and an undying passion for bikes and cars, former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni has once again captured the attention of fans and enthusiasts alike.

Adding another jewel to his already impressive collection, Dhoni recently welcomed the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV into his garage, showcasing his love for luxury and high-performance vehicles.

MS Dhoni’s diverse car collection

Known for his diverse taste in automobiles, Dhoni boasts a collection that ranges from the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans AM to the robust Hummer H2 and the elegant Audi Q7. While his inclination towards bikes is well-documented, his choice in cars reflects a keen appreciation for the opulent and stylish.

Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV overview

The latest addition to Dhoni’s fleet, the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV, stands out with its commanding presence and a price tag of a whopping 3.30 crores. The vehicle’s luxurious interior seamlessly blends comfort and sophistication, creating an environment that complements the beastly exterior. Equipped with an array of modern tech features, including a 360-degree parking camera, radar-supported cruise control, and active lane assist, the G63 is a testament to German engineering at its finest.

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Military roots and Dhoni’s love for the army

Originating as a military off-roader, the Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV also echoes Dhoni’s admiration for the armed forces. The car’s robust design and performance capabilities pay homage to its roots as a reliable military vehicle and resonate with Dhoni’s patriotic sentiments.

Exclusive VIP number plate

Adding a touch of exclusivity and class to his new acquisition, Dhoni opted for a unique VIP number plate that mirrors his cricketing legacy. The plate, “JH 01 FB 0007,” incorporates elements from his playing jersey, symbolizing his connection to the game and adding a personalized touch to the already opulent vehicle.

Dhoni takes a spin

Treating fans to a glimpse of his latest acquisition, Dhoni recently took his Mercedes-AMG G63 SUV for a spin. The video of the same quickly went viral as the sight of the stylish and powerful vehicle cruising down the roads left fans mesmerized.

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