In the enthralling tapestry of the ODI World Cup 2023, where every match unfolds as a chapter in cricketing history, the drama extends its tendrils beyond the lush green fields to the virtual realm.

In a recent episode of off-field theatrics, former cricket luminaries Michael Vaughan and Mohammad Hafeez, known for their on-field prowess and candid expressions, locked horns in a banter-laden duel that have left fans on the edge of their virtual seats. It all started with Hafeez’s peculiar remarks on Indian cricketing ace Virat Kohli’s historic 49th ODI century against South Africa on Sunday.

Hafeez expressed his views on a Pakistani TV show, suggesting that he observed a sense of selfishness in Virat’s batting during the ongoing World Cup. According to him, this was the third occurrence of such behaviour. The former Pakistan skipper pointed out that Virat’s innings against South Africa seemed more focused on reaching his century, neglecting the team’s priorities.

“I saw a sense of selfishness in Virat Kohli’s batting and this happened for the third time in this World Cup. In the 49th over, he was looking to take a single to reach his own hundred and didn’t put the team first,” Hafeez quoted as saying.

However, Hafeez’s bizarre remarks drew severe criticisms on him from former cricketers like Vaughan and Venkatesh Prasad, who slammed the 43-year-old for his words against the former Indian skipper.

Michael Vaughan’s dig at Mohammad Hafeez

After heavily taking on Hafeez for his opinion, Vaughan shared a video of an old India versus Pakistan encounter in which Virat dismissed Hafeez with a good length delivery.

“Morning @MHafeez22.. Have a great day #India #Pakistan,” Vaughan tweeted.

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Mohammad Haeez’s response to Michel Vaughan

In a witty retort to Vaughan’s cheeky tweet, Hafeez also shared a old clip of Vaughan’s dismissal against Pakistan, showcasing a particular moment when Vaughan’s pull shot didn’t quite go as planned.

“Morning @MichaelVaughan,” the Sargodha-born cricketer replied.

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