As the ICC Men’s Cricket ODI World Cup 2023 enters its decisive phase, the much-anticipated semi-final clash between India and New Zealand on Wednesday (November 15) has captured the cricketing world’s attention. Former New Zealand batter Ross Taylor has shared insights into why he believes New Zealand hold the edge in this crucial encounter.

Recalling the past showdown

Taylor reminisced about the World Cup semi-final clash between India and New Zealand four years ago in the 2019 CWC, where Blackcaps emerged victorious. Drawing parallels with the current scenario, Taylor highlighted that India have been the in-form side in the ongoing World Cup, much like their form in the past.

“Four years ago, India went into the semi-final in Manchester as the form side in the tournament, while we were more focused on ensuring our net run rate would keep Pakistan out of reach for the final spot in the top four,” Taylor was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

Ross Taylor foresees New Zealand’s edge in semi-finals against India

According to Taylor, the key factor that gives New Zealand an advantage is that they have nothing to lose. He emphasized that this mindset makes the Kiwis a very dangerous opponent and could potentially make India ‘nervous.’ The freedom to play without the burden of high expectations could work in favor of New Zealand.

“This time around, India are even bigger favourites, at home and having played so well during the group stage. But when we have nothing to lose, New Zealand teams can be dangerous. If there is a team that India will be nervous facing, it will be this New Zealand side,” the 39-year-old added.

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Setting the tone crucial for Kiwis

Taylor stressed the importance of New Zealand setting the tone early, whether they are batting or bowling first. He observed that India tends to be somewhat overdependent on their top three batters to provide a solid start. The Kiwis, with their strategic approach, have the opportunity to capitalize on any vulnerability in India’s game plan.

“The first 10 overs in both innings are crucial. When India are batting, you want to get them two or three down in the first 10 overs to put them under pressure. They rely heavily on an excellent top three,” the Wellington-born cricketer concluded.

India’s determination to break the jinx

While New Zealand aim to capitalize on their advantageous position, India are determined to break their World Cup knockouts jinx. The Indian team seeks to overcome past disappointments and give themselves the best chance to secure their first ICC Trophy in over a decade.

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