The ODI World Cup 2023 has turned out to be a thrilling tournament for Team India, and the Men in Blue have treated cricket enthusiasts with many unforgettable and relishing moments. It is worth mentioning that India was the first side to make its way into the semi-finals of the ongoing world event and currently sits at the top of the points table with an undefeated streak of eight.

One man who has contributed significantly to India’s stellar campaign is none other than India’s star batter, Virat Kohli. Amidst the excitement and fervour, Virat recently indulged in a candid chat with Star Sports and revealed the name of the city that feels like home to him, aside from his birthplace, Delhi.

A city that feels like a home to Virat Kohli

During the interaction, Virat disclosed that Bengaluru holds a special place in his heart. Although Virat was born in Delhi, the 35-year-old admitted that the ‘IT capital of India’ has become almost like a home for him in all these years. The former India captain also reminisced about the time when the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) franchise picked him during the IPL’s first draft, marking the beginning of a deep bond with the city.

Expressing his gratitude and loyalty towards the Bengaluru-based franchise, Virat spoke fondly about his association with RCB. He revealed that since the initial draft, he couldn’t envision himself playing for any other team in the IPL. He even candidly spoke about how the loyalty and love from the RCB fans over the years meant more to him than any silverware.

“It’s a special bond it feels like it was always meant to be. The first draft that happened after we won the U19 World Cup, I think Delhi Daredevils back then (Delhi Capitals now) has the first bid, If I’m not wrong (first draft) and they decided to go with Sangwan (Pradeep Sangwan). It was literally…it wasn’t even picked, you had to give your preference as to who you want and It was done,” reminisced Virat.

“RCB was second and I was picked by RCB and then… Since then I have always… Everytime I’ve been retained by RCB… I couldn’t see myself being in any other franchise, playing for anyone else. For me the loyalty that the fans have shown me, the faith, the love over so many years is way more valuable to me than any piece of silverware. And that’s something very rare thing to experience,” he added.

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Virat sheds light on the reason behind the special connection

Kohli then went on to express his deep connection with Bengaluru, emphasizing that it goes beyond being a second home. He said that he feels fortunate to have formed such a profound bond with a city where he wasn’t even born, highlighting the acceptance, love, and support he has received from Bengaluru’s people.

“I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to form such a deep connection with a city (Bengaluru) that I’m not even born in. It feels absolutely like home. I wouldn’t even say second home. So how this city has accepted people as their own and given them so much love and support is absolutely phenomenal. And that is a testimony to their sporting intelligence. It is not a random fanbase. It has not happened for one season, It’s happening season after season,” said the former India captain.

Praising Bengaluru’s sporting intelligence, Virat acknowledged the city’s passionate fanbase. He noted that the fans’ loyalty and support are not a one-season phenomenon but a consistent display of love season after season. Drawing parallels with football in the Indian Super League (ISL), Virat highlighted the amazing support Bengaluru fans provide to their players, showcasing a genuine intent to care about their teams.

“I see the same with the football as well. In the ISL as well, the fans in this city are amazing like how they get behind their players. It is all about awareness and the intent which the people have here. They have a intent to care about their teams, which is the most special thing for me,” he added.

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