Piers Morgan, an English Broadcaster and television personality, recently revealed that he received a text message from former England cricket star Andrew Flintoff after a silence lasting eight months.

Flintoff’s cricket career highlights

Flintoff, renowned for his international cricket career spanning from 1998 to 2009, etched his name in cricket history despite career-disrupting injuries. The Lancashire all-rounder played pivotal roles in England’s Ashes victories in 2005 and 2009 on their home turf.

Flintoff’s accident and absence

Last December, former England all-rounder Flintoff made headlines when he was airlifted to the hospital after a Top Gear filming accident in Surrey, resulting in facial injuries. This incident brought series 34 of the show to a halt. Subsequently, Flintoff largely kept a low profile.

Flintoff’s return to cricket

However, on September 8th, Flintoff made a public appearance at Cardiff’s Sophia Gardens to watch England’s opening one-day international against New Zealand. The 45-year-old return to the cricketing scene was facilitated by his friend and former teammate, Rob Key, who currently serves as the managing director of the England team. While Flintoff had attended this year’s Ashes series as Key’s guest, he remained out of touch with Piers Morgan for eight months.

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Morgan’s concern

During this period of silence, Morgan had been attempting to contact his “old mate” Flintoff through WhatsApp, expressing his concern and interest in Flintoff’s well-being. Nevertheless, he did not receive any replies, leaving him worried about Flintoff’s condition.

“And for eight months, there was no reply; just a constant, increasingly unsettling silence from a guy who I’ve known for 20 years, texted with very often, and who I consider a great friend. The longer the silence went on, the more worried I grew about what exactly had happened to him in an accident I knew he’d been lucky to survive,” Morgan was quoted as saying by mirror.co.uk

Morgan’s efforts to gather information

Morgan extended his inquiries to Flintoff’s wife, Rachael, and members of Flintoff’s management team in an attempt to gather more information about his friend’s condition. Nevertheless, he only received vague responses, with references to Flintoff being “periscope down.”‘

“I texted him, and Rachael, to say how happy the photos had made me, and to my amazement, Freddie replied,” the 58-year-old added.

Finally, Morgan receives a response from Flintoff

After eight months of silence, Piers Morgan received a response from Andrew Flintoff, marking their reconnection and bringing an end to the prolonged period of uncertainty and concern.

“I won’t say what he wrote in his message because he’s said nothing publicly yet about what happened that fateful day last December, and it’s for him to choose what he wants to say when he decides to say it. But he sounded very positive, and said he was loving being back around the cricket world again,” Morgan concluded.

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