In the lead-up to the much-awaited ODI World Cup 2023 final, Telugu actress Rekha Boj has found herself in the midst of controversy, facing criticism from netizens for a tweet that has been deemed inappropriate.

“I will streak on Vishakhapatnam beach”: Rekha Boj

Rekha’s tweet, which hinted at a potential celebratory “streak” if India emerges victorious in the World Cup final, drew swift and sharp reactions from social media users.

Fans lash out at Rekha

Many netizens expressed their disapproval, labelling the tweet as insensitive and inappropriate, especially considering the wide-ranging audience on social media platforms.

The actress’s post triggered an immediate backlash, with comments ranging from disappointment to outright condemnation. Team India fans slammed Rekha for what they perceived as an attempt to garner attention through an inappropriate and potentially offensive remark.

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As screenshots of the tweet circulated on various social media platforms, hashtags such as #ShameOnYouRekhaBoj began trending, reflecting the widespread displeasure among users.

While some urged Rekha to delete the tweet and issue an apology, others called for greater responsibility among public figures, emphasizing the need for sensitivity in communication, especially on platforms with diverse audiences.

The grand finale in Ahmedabad


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