Cricket fans around the world eagerly anticipate the ICC ODI World Cup 2023, and the excitement has been further stoked by the insights of legendary South African fast bowler Dale Steyn. Renowned for his express pace and remarkable skills with the ball, Steyn has shared his thoughts on five fast bowlers to keep an eye on during the upcoming tournament.

Mohammad Siraj: India’s swing king

Steyn’s first pick for the bowler to watch out for in the ODI World Cup 2023 is Mohammad Siraj from India. Steyn emphasized Siraj’s ability to swing the ball early in the innings and his knack for dismissing top-order batters. The South African legend sees Siraj as a key player for the Indian team, capable of making crucial breakthroughs.

“So my five fast bowlers to watch out in this tournament are Mohammad Siraj from India. Swings the ball up front, knocks over big batters. Key player for India,” said Steyn in a video shared by ICC on Instagram.

KG Rabada: The South African sensation

Steyn’s second choice is none other than Kagiso Rabada, a fellow South African and one of his personal favorites to watch. Rabada is known for generating substantial bounce and pace, making him a formidable force in the world of cricket. Steyn highlighted Rabada’s familiarity with Indian conditions, which could give South Africa an advantage in the tournament.

“KG Rabada. One of my favourites bowlers to watch. South African. Big bounce lots of pace. Familiar with Indian conditions,” Steyn added.

Shaheen Shah Afridi: A warning to Rohit Sharma

Steyn issued a stern warning to Indian captain Rohit Sharma, singling out Shaheen Shah Afridi as a bowler to watch out for. The Pakistani left-arm pacer is known for his ability to trouble even the most accomplished batters. Steyn’s endorsement of Afridi suggested that he expects some fierce battles between the Pakistani bowler and Rohit Sharma during the tournament.

“This man. Shaheen Shah Afridi. Rohit Sharma watch out,” Steyn warned Rohit.

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Trent Boult: New Zealand’s swing maestro

The fourth bowler on Steyn’s list was New Zealand’s Trent Boult. Steyn highlighted Boult’s skill of swinging the ball upfront, which can pose significant challenges to opposition batsmen. He predicts Boult to be a leading wicket-taker in the ODI World Cup 2023, given his proficiency in extracting early breakthroughs.

“Trent Boult. Swings the ball upfront for New Zealand. Big wicket taker. I think he is gonna be the leading wicket taker in this world cup,” added Steyn.

Mark Wood: The fear factor of extreme pace

Steyn’s final selection was Mark Wood from England, a bowler renowned for his extreme pace. Steyn believed that Wood’s sheer pace alone can strike fear into the hearts of batters and anticipated him taking a substantial number of wickets for England in the tournament. Wood’s express deliveries could prove to be a game-changer for the English team.

“Mark Wood. This man has extreme pace. I think he’s gonna take lots of wickets for England. And his fear factor is pace alone,” Steyn added further.

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