The discovery of Shubman Gill’s alleged profile on a dating app ‘Raya’ has sparked a flurry of discussions and debates across social media platforms.

Fans react to Shubman Gill’s alleged presence on Raya

Fans of the Indian cricketer and followers of cricket in general have been drawn into the speculation surrounding Gill’s purported presence on the dating app. Given Gill’s status as a rising star in Indian cricket and his close association with Sara Tendulkar, daughter of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar, the news has garnered significant attention.

Many netizens have been intrigued by the possibility of other well-known personalities using the app, leading to speculation about the dating lives of public figures. Some have expressed curiosity about the nature of the profile and whether it genuinely belongs to Gill, while others have approached the news with skepticism, urging caution in drawing conclusions based on unverified information.

Amidst the speculation, fans continue to closely monitor Gill’s relationship with Sara, who have been the subject of intense media scrutiny due to their public appearances together.

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Shubman Gill named Punjab ‘state icon’ for Lok Sabha polls

Gill has been appointed as the ‘state icon’ for Punjab in the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections. In this role, he will play a vital part in promoting awareness campaigns aimed at boosting voter turnout in the state. Punjab recorded a voter turnout of 65.96% in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections across its 13 constituencies. With the aim of surpassing this figure, the election commission has set the ambitious target of “Is Vaar 70 Paar” for the upcoming polls.

 “Welcoming Shubman Gill as State Icon of Punjab. From pitching runs on the cricket field to pitching for high Voter Turnout in Lok Sabha Election 2024,” tweeted the Punjab’s Chief Electoral Officer.

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