In the fast-paced world of T20 International cricket, bowlers play a crucial role in determining a team’s fate. While many deliver stellar performances, some outings stand out not for their brilliance but for their expense.

Top-five costliest bowling spells for India in T20I

The below-mentioned bowlers, though talented, faced dominating opponents and challenging conditions, resulting in their spells becoming the costliest for India in this format. As the cricketing landscape evolves, these instances serve as reminders that even the best can face turbulent times on the field.

1. Prasidh Krishna – 68/0 vs Australia – 2023

Prasidh Krishna vs Australia, 2023
Prasidh Krishna vs Australia, 2023 (Image source: Twitter)

The latest addition to India’s list of pricely spells, Prasidh Krishna finds himself at the top with an economy rate of 17.00 against Australia. The formidable Aussie batting proved challenging for Krishna, and due to his below-par performance, the right-arm seamer conceded 68 runs in his quota of four overs.

2. Yuzvendra Chahal – 64/0 vs South Africa – 2018

Yuzvendra Chahal vs South Africa, 2018
Yuzvendra Chahal vs South Africa, 2018 (Image source: Twitter)

During a T20 International match against South Africa in 2018, Yuzvendra Chahal, renowned for his ability to take wickets, encountered an unusual setback. In the particular clash, the leg-spinner failed to claim any wickets and conceded a substantial 64 runs in his four-over spell instead.

3. Arshdeep Singh – 62/2 vs South Africa – 2022

Arshdeep Singh vs South Africa, 2022
Arshdeep Singh vs South Africa, 2022 (Image source: Twitter)

Stepping into the list with both wickets and a hefty price tag, Arshdeep Singh faced the daunting South African batting lineup in 2022. Despite claiming two wickets, his economy rate of 15.50 vividly depicted the challenges he encountered in containing the opposition.

4. Joginder Sharma – 57/0 vs England – 2007

Joginder Sharma, 2007
Joginder Sharma, 2007 (Image source: Twitter)

Rewinding to the inaugural T20 World Cup in 2007, Joginder Sharma, who later gained fame for his last-over heroics in the final, had a disastrous outing against England. The right-arm bowler remained wicket-less, conceding 57 runs in his four-over spell, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the shortest format.

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5. Deepak Chahar – 1/56 vs West Indies – 2019

Deepak Chahar vs West Indies, 2019
Deepak Chahar vs West Indies, 2019 (Image source: Twitter)

In 2019, Deepak Chahar confronted the West Indies‘ batters, and despite clinching a wicket, he found himself among the bowlers with the expensive spells for India in the shortest format. With an economy rate of 14.00, the Agra-born cricketer struggled to stem the flow of runs, emphasizing the difficulties bowlers often face against the power-hitting lineups.

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