The ICC Cricket World Cup stands as the zenith of ODI cricket, an arena where the world’s foremost teams converge to vie for ultimate glory.

Throughout its storied history, this illustrious tournament has witnessed some breathtaking batting performances, where players have etched their names in the annals of cricketing history with electrifying centuries.

Let’s delve into the past and check out the five fastest centuries in the history of the ODI World Cups.

1) Kevin O’Brien (Ireland): 50 balls vs England – ODI World Cup 2011

Kevin O’Brien vs England, 2011 (Image source: Twitter)

In the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup, Kevin O’Brien etched his name into cricketing history with a legendary innings that remains in fans’ memories. Facing England‘s imposing target of 328, O’Brien’s fearless and audacious strokeplay powered him to a century in just 50 balls, a remarkable feat that defied all odds. The iconic moment of resilience and skill secured a historic victory for Ireland. It served as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the underdogs in cricket, inspiring countless individuals to believe in the extraordinary.

2) Glenn Maxwell (Australia): 51 balls vs Sri Lanka – ODI World Cup 2015

Glenn Maxwell vs Sri Lanka, 2015
Glenn Maxwell vs Sri Lanka, 2015 (Image source: Twitter)

During the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, Australian all-rounder Glenn Maxwell delivered a stunning performance against Sri Lanka, leaving cricket fans in awe. Maxwell achieved a remarkable century in just 51 balls in that memorable match, showcasing his explosive batting prowess. His aggressive yet stylish game was a spectacle as he relentlessly attacked the Sri Lankan bowlers. Maxwell’s century played a pivotal role in Australia’s comprehensive victory, highlighting his ability to turn the tide of a game in the blink of an eye. This remarkable innings solidified his reputation as one of the most exciting and dynamic talents in limited-overs cricket.

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3) AB de Villiers (South Africa): 52 balls vs West Indies – ODI World Cup 2015

AB de Villiers vs West Indies, 2015
AB de Villiers vs West Indies, 2015 (Image source: Twitter)

In the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, AB de Villiers from South Africa delivered a mesmerizing performance against the West Indies that left the cricketing community spellbound. The right-handed batter achieved a century in 52 balls, demonstrating his remarkable batting skills and adaptability. His innings were spectacular, amassing a staggering 162 runs off only 66 deliveries, including an astonishing tally of 17 fours and an impressive count of eight sixes. De Villiers’ capacity to score at an astonishing pace and in diverse ways cemented his status as one of the most dynamic and captivating cricketers on the global stage.

4) Eoin Morgan (England): 57 balls vs Ireland – ODI World Cup 2019

Eoin Morgan vs Afghanistan, 2019
Eoin Morgan vs Afghanistan, 2019 (Image source: Twitter)

During a memorable encounter against Afghanistan in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup, Eoin Morgan, the then captain of the England cricket team, etched his name in the annals of cricketing history with a remarkable performance. Morgan’s century in just 57 balls was a testament to his exceptional batting masterclass and fearless approach. He scored 148 runs off just 71 deliveries, a breathtaking power-hitting display that included 17 sixes and 4 fours. Morgan’s audacious assault on the Afghan bowlers showcased his ability to dominate the game and set new standards for aggressive batting in limited-overs cricket.

Mathew Hayden (Australia): 66 balls vs South Africa – ODI World Cup 2007

Mathew Hayden vs South Africa, 2007
Mathew Hayden vs South Africa, 2007 (Image source: Twitter)

In the 2007 ICC Cricket World Cup, the Australian cricketing juggernaut, Matthew Hayden, unleashed a display of brutal power-hitting that reverberated throughout the cricketing world. Facing off against South Africa, Hayden blazed his way to a spectacular century in a mere 66 balls, displaying his sheer dominance at the crease. This incredible innings underlined Australia’s supremacy in the tournament and solidified Hayden’s standing as one of the most formidable opening batters in the history of One Day Internationals. His ferocious playing style and unwavering aggression were the hallmarks of his innings, making him a daunting prospect for any bowler and a key asset for Australia in their triumphant World Cup campaign.

ODI World Cup 2023 set to begin from October 5

The eagerly anticipated ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 is on the horizon, set to kick off on October 5th. This monumental event, the 13th edition of the ICC’s mega event, is poised to make history itself. It represents a significant milestone as India takes centre stage, hosting the entire tournament for the first time.

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