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The T-10 Cricket Tournament 2020 will be organized in India. All cities with 100+ teams to host the matches across the country. The winners will fly to New Zealand for a three-match series.

Tennis ball cricket is gaining popularity and players who perform well are paid a handsome sum of money and that is making it a very good choice to play cricket with a tennis ball. There are lots of people at present seeing these matches. Some of the tournaments are over 10 aside; they are playing a very quick match, it all fun for one and all.

The best part is the player of the tournament gets a trip to NZ, can you expect something better. This is a great way to show your skills and win an amazing prize which one can cherish for lifetime. It is a great opportunity and you will surely enjoy playing here as a team. It is not very tough to get started if you have a team and a coach ready.

This could be a great opportunity for playing tennis ball cricket and visiting the world. This tournament is open to all team and once the registration is done you are in the league and ready to play. It is not very tough to start at all.

HEIGHTS CUP: T-10 Cricket Tournament

This is a tournament that is going to have wide exposure and will give good results. The player of the match and the serious are looking for a tarp abroad and mentioned before too. This will be given to the only player who plays outstanding cricket and produces something very magical. At present, tennis ball cricket is getting some momentum in India and more people are getting keen on taking this up. This also allows one to stay fit and have a great time. Cricket is a game which can be a great stress buster too and people in our country just love it, whether it a tennis ball or a hardball.

The Match is played with a tennis ball instead of the standard leather cricket ball. This makes the game easy to learn for newbie’s and also reduces the chances of injuries. Protective gear includes batting gloves, groin guard, helmet, wicket keeping gloves, and upper bodyguard. The bat should be made of wood and should be less than 4 inches wide. Pitch is playing area of a cricket match. ICC requires the pitch to be 66feet in length while the TCA law book requires tennis ball pitch to be 64 feet long and 10 feet wide. There are lots of people loving this format.

If you want to register your team for the tennis ball tournament you can do that at A registration fee of Rs 2400 only applies for a 12 member team. To maximize the participation of schools, colleges and cricket academy teams, the coaches can also get a chance to travel to New Zealand with the team. An extra fee of Rs 1000 applies to teams with coaches. If you don’t have a team, we still got you covered. You can register as a single-player and invite players from your city to form a team and enter the fixtures. What are you waiting for? Get your teams ready and register now.


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