In the changing landscape of cricket, fitness is no longer just a choice but a necessity. Players are also leaving no stone unturned to work on their fitness and are pushing their limits to maintain peak physical condition. India batter Mayank Agarwal recently took to social media to share his astonishing Yo-Yo Test score of 21.1, leaving fans and fellow cricketers in awe.

Mayank’s remarkable feat was lauded by many on social media. However, New Zealand all-rounder James Neesham couldn’t resist taking a hilarious jibe at the Karnataka batter’s impressive fitness score.

The Yo-Yo Test: A gruelling challenge

Yo-Yo Test is an aerobic fitness evaluation designed to test players’ endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Participants must sprint back and forth between markers placed 20 meters apart, with each 40-meter run followed by a brief 10-second recovery period. This cycle continues until the player reaches complete exhaustion. To pass the test, one must achieve a minimum score of 16.5, a level that even the fittest athletes find challenging.

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Mayank Agarwal’s remarkable score in the Yo-Yo Test

On September 13, Mayank decided to give cricket enthusiasts a glimpse into his preparations for the upcoming Indian domestic season. He took to his official Instagram account and shared a video of himself undergoing the gruelling Yo-Yo Test. He even revealed his awe-inspiring yo-yo test score of 21.1.

“Gearing up for the season. Level 21.1,” Mayank captioned the video.

James Neesham’s light-hearted dig

While Mayank received praise from fans and cricket enthusiasts for his brilliant yo-yo test score, it was Neesham who brought some humour to the situation and took a hilarious jibe at the Indian cricketer as he left a witty “Looks a couple of meters short” comment under the video shared by Mayank.

James Neesham's hilarious dig at Mayank Agarwal
James Neesham’s hilarious dig at Mayank Agarwal (Image Source: Instagram)

Mayank Agarwal’s path to redemption

It is worth mentioning that Mayank has been out of the Indian team for quite some time, and his exceptional Yo-Yo Test score is not just a display of his fitness but also a statement of intent. The 32-year-old recently also scored a century in the Maharaja Trophy, showcasing his batting prowess and determination to make a comeback to the Indian team.

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